Learning & participation

In Dijon and surrounding areas




More than 300 professional and non-professional artists are meeting through different actions as:

- Ze Tribu Brass Band, composed by 35 musicians, is playing a funky and groovy repertoire and was directed by the saxophonist Maciek Lasserre until 2018.
- The schools of the neighborhood are welcoming artistic workshops (music, video, urban art) and environmental workshops (discovery of shared gardens).
- The musicians of the Dijon Bourgogne Orchestra conduct a workshop which introduces the children from a recreation center of the neighborhood to trumpet and trombone. 

Our projects are contributing to the cultural and social dynamism of our area:

- The creation by the residents of an urban walk and a fanzine which are redrawing the urban art works in Dijon, after the street-art project with the artist Eltono in 2016.
- The set up of residencies for contemporary urban artists.
- The programmation of a participative cultural season in the main sites of the neighborhood and in public spaces.
- The building of shared gardens and urban furniture on a fallow space at the bottom of a block.
- The support of the residents association around gardening based at the foot of our block. 

We are favorising actions of mediation:

- We set up meetings between the audience and the artists.
- We organise workshops and concerts for specific audiences (children, prisoners, disabled people).
- With some social inclusion structures, we are organizing educational works around shared gardens or urban art. 

Ze Tribu Brass Band


Some words about the project

The brass band welcomes everybody, even if you have never played music before or if you are busy! This music collective has been created in 2010 for Tribu Festival. Nowadays about fourty musicians, professionals or amateurs are part of it. It was directed by the saxophonist Maciek Lasserre until 2018.

The members of Ze Tribu Brass Band meet one time per month for rehearsals, and occasionaly for some concerts or workshops. The musicians compose sometimes their own tunes and play a repertoire which revolves around ethiojazz, funk and cumbia.

For the 20th edition of Tribu Festival, Ze Tribu Brass Band invited Louis Jacques, from the band Super Parquet. He enabled them to expand their repertoire with traditional music.

In 2018, during the Tribu Festival, the brass band welcomed for the second time the trombonist Fidel Fourneyron, member of the National Orchestra of Jazz. They were accompanied by three Cuban musicians from the ¿ Que Vola ? project lead by Fidel, which mixes traditional yoruban songs and rumba rhythms.

In 2017, the trompetist and composer Aymeric Avice was on stage with the brass band during the release party. A nice meeting between the founder of the Jarawa project quintet and the musicians.

In 2016, the brass band welcomed during Tribu Festival the percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Jaime Salazar, professor and coordinator of the world musics department at the Conservatoire of Chalon-sur-Saône. He is also a member of the artists collectiv Grolektif and the latin core band Pixvae. During his stay, he shared his love for traditional and popular latin american musics with the brass band. He added to the repertoire two songs called « Fiesta de Negritos » and « Fiesta en Corraleja ».


Previous gigs

VYV Les Solidarités, Dijon | Le Ferme Biquettes et Compagnie, Aubaine | Maison de Courcelles, Courcelles-sur-Aujon | La Fête à Rousseau, Dijon | Grésilles en veut, Dijon | La Vapeur, Dijon| Festival International de Musique Universitaire, Belfort | La Pelle Festival, Corcelles-les Monts | Partie de Campagne, Ouroux-en-Morvan | Place centrale, Quetigny | La Fureur de Cuivres, Dijon | Festival Prise de Cirq’, Dijon | Festival Cirque & Fanfares, Dole | Les Rendez-vous du quai des Carrières Blanches, Dijon | Festival Atout bout d’champ, Mâlain | Festival Cirque à Courcelles, Courcelles-sur-Aujon | Ze Tribu Brass Band invite Aymeric Avice, Square des Ducs, Dijon | Jazz sous les Pommiers, Coutances (2012) | Festival A Vaulx Jazz, Vaulx-en-Velin (2013) | Millau Jazz Festival, Millau (2015) | Rock’abylette Vintage Festival, Luzy (2016) | Festival Clameurs (2016) | Tribu Festival, Dijon (since 2010) | ...





After the Boutaric esplanade in 2012, Zutique worked again on a shared gardens project! This action has been done in partnership with the MJC of the Grésilles, on the initiative of the neighborhood Commission of the Grésilles.

This project started in march 2016 with a week of workshop organized as part of a partnership with the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Dijon (ENSA). The students realized different patterns of urban furnitures and showed them to the residents. One of the students, Théo Volatier, became the leader of the site, and realized those gardens with some youngs from the CHRS Herriot and the Prévention Spécialisée.

During the construction from 12th to 26th September, ten garden boxes (including one for people of reduced mobility), two benches and one table which can support eight people have been installed. The purpose is to create a friendly place just between the Chenier and Dickens buildings, at the center of the Grésilles neighborhood.

The gardens have been inaugurated during October, and can be used by all of the residents since then! During the next months, Zutique Productions, the MJC of the Grésilles and other structures of the neighborhood will continue to propose some activities in those gardens. Meetings with the residents will be organized, in order to plan what will be planted during spring and summer 2018.




by the Collectif Grésilles Culture

The Grésilles Culture collective gathers cultural and sociocultural actors of Dijon and organizes since 2010 the « Rendez-vous des Grésilles », event which revolves around culture, sport, meetings, arts, cooking and multimedia. The Rendez-vous des Grésilles is the result of all the manifestations organized since numerous years in the neighborhood of the Grésilles. The purpose of those events is to gather all of our different audiences and to inform the residents of this neighborhood of all of the proposition of this neighborhood and of Dijon.

All of the shows are chosen by the volunteers of the Collectif Grésilles Culture.
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Partners: MJC des Grésilles, Zutique Productions, Ville de Dijon, Centre Social des Grésilles, UDMJC 21, Coursive Boutaric, Dijon Habitat, Médiathèque Champollion (Ville de Dijon), Service Prévention spécialisée ACODEGE, Centre Multimédia, Accueil de Loisirs Champollion.




After two years of works and plantations, the residents of the Grésilles neighborhood, artists and associations came up with a great result: 29 garden boxes, urban furnitures, blackcurrants, raspberry bushes, floral paths…

The association « Au jardin des voisin » (at the garden of the neighbors) is still keeping the place alive. Last year, during spring and summer, a lot of events took place in this garden: meals, cooking workshops, plantations in the garden boxes, caring and watering of the plantations, collective project.

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In partnership with the CHRS Herriot from Acodège

Le M.U.R


Some words about the project

An open air museum, an open gallery for all, which metamorphoses under the eyes of the passers-by, having for ambition to break the invisible border which separates the public of the art. This audacious project crystallizes under the naming of the M.U.R « Modulable Urbain Réactif » in french, that means: Flexible, Urban, Reactive. And is represented by a support of 7 x 4 meters located at the heart of the city center of Dijon, in the crossroads of Jean-Jacques Rousseau street and Assas street.

Every three months, an invited artist takes up this exhibition space to realize a short-lived and unpublished work, a creation realized quite freely which is the fruit of varied artistic techniques.

After Speedy Graphito, precursor of the street art, Bault with his hybrid creatures taken out of his imagination, Stom 500 with his colorful cartoonesque illustrations, Bom.K's violent, suburban world and the hyper realistic style of Dire 132, it is now Poch's turn to create on the M.U.R.

About Speedy Graphito

Speedy Graphito produces some Art. So prolific as creative, he uses all the forms of expression - painting, sculpture, installation, photo or video, to create through his work and in the course of times a universal language. Nowadays, he makes figure of icon and his influence on artists' new generations as well as on current cultural landscape is not any more to be proved.

About Bault

On painting as on wall, Bault carries an instinctive art deprived of preconceived ideas, a representation of the unique and constantly evolving world. A dynamics which the artist cultivates in his professional life: if he begins the graffiti in 1997, he dedicates itself in parallel to the video until 2011. It is in 2013 when he makes his first steps in galleries, to amateur's Cabinet in Paris.

About Stom 500 

Stom 500 started drawing as a child and has never dropped the pen, or spraycan. He draws his inspiration from his favorite cartoons and daily life. His graphic style is impactful, dynamic and colorful, mixing characters, animals and other objects. He is nourished by encounters with other passionate people who fuel his way of thinking and enable him to develop his reflection over his job and the current state of graffiti art. 

About Bom.K

Bom.K started graffiti at the age of 17 in the Parisian suburb where he was born. In 1999 he creates Da Mental Vaporz collective with Iso and starts developping a more personal and intimate style. His artistic universe is extremely precise and illustrates his world: raw, dirty, violent, suburban. He already launched exhibitions (Paris, Danemark, Los Angeles, Berlin…), published a remarked illustration book, created statuettes, art prints and posters that he spreads all around him.

About Dire 132

Dire 132 paints women that he sees as captivating enigmas on which to meditate. His passion for drawing developped through graffiti art since the 90's led him to improve his style through hyper-realistic portraits. He masters the use of spray cans as if it were pencils. It gives his creations a very unique style. His works of art are militant and feed into the reflection about women's place in society. 

About Poch

Since he was 14, Patrice Poch bathed in the punk-rock culture, "DIY" and street appropriation. He starts using stencils as soon as 1988. By the end of the 80's he discovers hip hop culture and graffiti. He then takes hold of this technic and multiplies wall and train paintings which allow him to travel and meet with new artists and cultures. By the end of the 90's, his works become more minimalist. He starts representing human-scale characters drawn from the 80's punk scene. 


In partenrship with a collective of artists from Dijon composed of RNST, Bretzel Film, Vizualistic and the Editions Inencadrables, in collaboration with the city of Dijon.






A focus on our past actions



"Le street art, l'art de reconquérir sa ville", (Street art, the art of reclaiming one's city) was a participative project which took place on a popular neighborhood of Dijon. Zutique Productions (with the support of the association Juste Ici) wanted to create new markers in the neighborhood for the residents through this action. During 2016, the artist Eltono created a lot of participative frescos, with some kids of the neighborhood. He also conceived a graphic floor signage which indicates the main public places of the neighbourhood. 

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